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Setting up of two major projects: the virtualisation of its IT infrastructure and the implementation of the unified communication tool Microsoft Lync.

Following the relocation of its head office at ENL House, Moka in 2012, the group decided to enhance its collaboration and communication system. Through the development of its virtual workplace, ENL Group is preparing itself for new trends in business such as Cloud and mobility.

ENL Head of Business Processes and Information Systems Jacques de Gersigny believes that IT should evolve according to these changes.

"The information and communication system cannot be disconnected from the company's overall strategy. It must be customised to cater for the business needs in order to facilitate current operations. However, it should also be planned in anticipation of the company's future developments. In this way, the company will be able to show agility when faced by change," he explains.

The centralisation of ENL group's businesses at ENL House, Moka, demonstrates the management's intention to develop a collaborative and cross-cluster workplace for its teams.

The group has once again opted for Microsoft technologies and solutions for its IT system.

"In addition to the benefits in terms of safety and reliability, Microsoft provides a common platform that ensures consistency and interoperability between various tools," explains Soormally Iqbal, ENL Group Head of ICT.

He highlights, "Beyond technical advantages, a key factor when choosing a new technology, is the availability of local expertise."

Local expertise provides the company with peace of mind as it is a token for continuous and immediate support.

The choice naturally fell on FRCI, a Mauritian company that specialises in IT services and that has won several regional Microsoft awards following successful implementations of Microsoft's private Cloud and unified communications solution.

The private Cloud, which is hosted within ENL House's datacentre, aims to centralise the group's IT management in a bid to benefit from economies of scale.

Over 200 employees from around 10 companies based at ENL House, as well as at Savannah, are permanently connected to the datacentre.

For IT staff, servers in virtual mode are easier to manage and maintain, which represents significant savings in terms of power consumption and operating costs for the company.

This system gives employees the possibility to save time through direct and uninterrupted access to emails, documents and corporate data.

"The objective here is to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. Employees are not affected when servers are down or under maintenance. Failover between ENL group's physical and virtual servers is done automatically while employees continue working, unaware of technical problems," explains FRCI Managing Consultant Clarel Constance.

Software and security updates are also automatically managed by the datacentre via the IT management tool, Microsoft System Center, without disrupting the workflow.

The group has also decided to get rid of its old PABX system and to implement a unified communications solution, Microsoft Lync, which includes telephony, instant messaging and video conferencing within a single platform.

"We didn't want a simple telephony system for our new head office. We needed a solution that supports several ways of sharing information and communicating," says Iqbal Soormally.

Several employees working for the group, who regularly travel for business, were amongst the first to notice the benefits that this new communication system brings: lower costs for calls and the ability to be virtually connected to the workplace through Microsoft Lync, as if they were actually at their desk.