Systems Management

At FRCI, we like things that work well. So systems management has a special place in our hearts.

Good systems management should ensure your IT work seamlessly, whether it’s located on your premises, in the cloud or across different platforms. 
Easier said than done.

Without the right technology and tools, systems managements can quickly become complex, costly and inefficient. And what’s right for your competitor might not be right for you.

Business’ needs are also evolving fast, and it’s important for their systems to keep up.

Finding the right technology and keeping it up to date are ongoing tasks. FRCI does the work for you – we ensure your systems are cost-efficient, perform reliably and save you time and money.

We use Microsoft’s "System Centre Suite”, which provides:

  • Infrastructure provisioning: Deploys and manages your software-defined data centre. A comprehensive networking, storage, computing and security solution.
  • Automation and self-service: Increases efficiency and saves time with automated workflow processes and self-service options.
  • Infrastructure and workload monitoring: Troubleshoots infrastructure, workload or application issues to maintain your systems’ reliability and performance.