Unified Communication

Reinventing the way we communicate.

Unified Communications sounds a bit complicated, but it actually refers to a simpler, easier way of communicating. 

Unified Communications (or UC) typically allow you to consolidate your phone, email, fax, chat, video, and other forms of communication into a single unified channel, accessible through a mobile device or computer.

There is no-one-size-fits-all UC solution. But each solution is designed to improve collaboration; especially when not all of your staff are in the same place.

At FRCI, we believe that UC can help you increase efficiency and cut costs. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and help you get up and running with a custom solution.

We recommend the following platforms, among others:

Skype for business
Flexible, fast and familiar.
This online meeting solution is one of our favourite platforms. It allows for completely secure collaboration through communication, messaging, storage, file sharing, access to Microsoft Office applications and more. It offers various deployment options, including server and cloud. 

This complete UC solution works on a new software-based private branch exchange phone system. Features include web conferencing, powerful softphones in Mac and Windows, “presence” (which informs users of others’ availability for a meeting or call) and mobile for smartphone.