An organisation's ability to learn is a crucial competitive advantage.

The technology and processes that we use in the workplace are constantly evolving. It’s never been more important to keep up with the competition.

At FRCI, we’ve delivered innovative learning programmes in the workplace since 1989.

We offer 5,000 different courses, ranging from technology to business training and from foundational to specialised certifications.

In the last six years alone, FRCI has trained over 6,000 employees from some of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region’s leading companies.

We are enormously proud that FRCI was recognised as Microsoft's Training Partner for West, East and Central African region on numerous occasions.

    From enterprise solutions and volume licensing to SME solutions. For private sector, government or education. Including Office 365, Azure, Software Assurance and Asset Management.
  • Blended LEarning
    Combines the benefits of face to face courses with the flexibility of online and live online training. We work with leading international brands in the field.
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  • Live Online - Webinar
    Connect with your trainer via video conferencing, share your screen, and interact with other colleagues.
  • Regie
    Based on an assessment of your company’s needs, we offer a monthly training plan that is customised to your workforce
  • VIP and Coaching
    Designed to suit the busy schedules of top managers. Our trainer comes to your premises and teaches your managers how to make better use of everyday documents and programmes.
  • Support
    Incredibly, you lose 50% of what you’ve learned after two weeks. Continuous training and support allows your employees to maintain their knowledge and increase their productivity over time.