Big Data

Two small words to describe an enormous shift in the way companies use and capture information.

It’s common knowledge that we generate vast amounts of data on an ongoing basis.
It’s predicted that every single business, no matter their size, will be using data analytics within five years.  

But why?

In a nutshell, big data can help reduce your costs, develop targeted new services and improve your decision-making.

It allows you to store vast reams of information at minimal cost. Coupled with analytics, big data provides business intelligence that can help you improve your processes, understand your customers and make better decisions. 

And by understanding your customers, you can create new products and services that respond to, and even anticipate, their needs.

Happier customers = higher profits.

For that data to be useful, you need to be able to capture and analyse it.

At FRCI, we keep a close eye on big data resources and trends that can help our clients work smarter, better and more profitably.

We’ll help you set up the systems you need to harness your data, gain insights into your customers' needs and fine-tune your products or services.