These days, mobile comes first.

There’s no ignoring it. Mobile technology has radically changed the way we live, work and play. 

Around the world, more and more businesses are investing in mobile platforms to allow their staff to work and communicate more flexibly and efficiently.

And mobile device management and mobile data security are now more important than ever before.

Whether you provide mobile devices to your staff or allow them to use their own, chances are you’ll need a system for device management, end user experience, mobile applications, scaling and security.

Ride the mobile wave with us

Our mobile solutions can help improve your teams’ functionality and efficiency. So that you in turn can improve your clients’ experiences, enhance your relationships and outperform the competition.

FRCI offers mobile solutions for tasks including:

  • Processing orders and sales
  • Managing inventory
  • Creating mobile points of sale
  • Collecting cash and managing debtors
  • Approving orders, quotes or invoices on the go



  • Secured
  • Cutting-edge User Experience
  • Integrated with other systems
  • Online or Offline
  • Cross-platform