Social Media Management

Facebook and other social platforms have taken over the world, and Mauritius is no exception.

We could share here some mind-boggling figures about how fast social media is growing and how big it has become. But by the time you read them, they’d probably be out of date anyway.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn are powerful and essential marketing and communication tools. Want to know how you can take advantage of those?

Managing social media effectively can be time consuming and demands lots of work... Fortunately for you, our social media team can help you deal with that. We can help to increase your brand exposure, engage with your audience, nurture relationships with your customers and prospects, and so much more!

How We Do It

  • Listen

    Social Media Listening is an important step when considering being present on social media platforms.
    Our methodology includes paying attention to the needs, wants and feedback of your audience in order to find a suitable strategy.

  • Engage

    Once the strategy for your social profiles has been set, your brand will need to communicate and engage in order to develop and strengthen a relationship with your community.
    This will eventually create brand ambassadors, generate brand awareness and induce brand loyalty.

  • Measure

    How many people saw your message? How many seemed interested?
    We monitor and measure your progress on a regular basis. This will help recognising your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Empower

    Our team always strives for the best. Which is why once your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been identified, we make the most of them to empower your brand.

Our Happy Customers

We cherish our customers. Thanks to our good deeds (and maybe a little luck) they do too!
  • cernol


    Much appreciate the friendly, dynamic & dedicated professional FRCI team! One thing that is great is that they chase us for scheduled posts… and not the other way round :) Overall very satisfied with the service! Thank you FRCI team :)
    Fanny Mahabeer, Sales and Marketing Manager
    Cernol Marketing
  • sddm


    Nous travaillons avec la FRCI depuis Novembre 2015 sur notre page Facebook. Nous sommes satisfaits du service offert. C'est une équipe dynamique et proactive qui sait atteindre ses objectifs. Elle a su s'adapter aux spécificités de notre segment de marché et répondre à nos attentes.
    Sahdeeya YADALLEE, Marketing Manager
    Société Desvaux de Marigny & CieLtd (SDDM)
  • iora


    It was a pleasure for IORA to work with FRCI on our social media platforms, increasing regional cooperation with our Member State followers. FRCI has been responsive and committed to assist our media strategy and provided valuable insights
    H.E K.V Bhagirath, Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Rim Association
  • twinnings


    Je tiens à saluer FRCI pour la gestion de notre page Facebook et de nous avoir assister pour son lancement. J'ai été très agréablement surprise par le professionnalisme, la proactivité, l’intégrité, et la créativité de l’agence. Etant novice pour ce type de projet, FRCI nous a beaucoup guidé en nous expliquant étape par étape les processus nécessaires afin d’avoir une page dynamique et intéressante. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié leur capacité à nous conseiller au niveau de la stratégie tous les mois avec un planning bien défini afin de répondre à nos attentes et ceux des ‘Fans’ de notre marque. J'ai été particulièrement satisfaite de la flexibilité pour les modifications des visuels et la création de certains visuels à la dernière minute.
    Kathy Jodhun, Commerciale HORECA –TWININGS TEA

Our Services

  • Content Strategy

    We will make sure your content is useful, interesting, appropriate and authentic.
    You do not want confusing, alienating or generic content for your community!

    Content Strategy
  • Content Creation

    With our in-house designers, videographers and copywriters,
    we can provide you with impactful and interesting content for your audience.

    Content Creation
  • Reputation Management

    Our dedicated team will be monitoring your social media channels on a daily basis,
    responding to negative or positive feedback, and make sure you convey trustworthy messages.

    Reputation Management
  • Brand Management

    Your brand needs to trigger emotions to your community.
    We’re here to help you manage and maintain a good relationship with your audience.

    Brand Management
  • Social Media Monitoring

    All your social media efforts must be closely monitored to help you know where you stand,
    manage crisis, learn what works, or enjoy any imminent opportunities.

    Social Media Monitoring
  • Reporting and Analysis

    Meticulous and prompt analysis of what is being done, and of what can be done will help your brand grow and reinforce the messages you convey. We can do that!

    Reporting and Analysis
  • Traffic Strategy

    We can work structured pathways to reach targeted, customisable and narrow market segments and drive traffic towards your website, applications, or landing pages that are essential to your business.

    Traffic Strategy
  • Advertising Management

    We can help you reach your ideal customers using rich demographic targeting capabilities
    and tailored ad messaging on various social media platforms.

    Advertising Management