Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is pretty complex. But in a nutshell, ERP brings together your business’ essential functions in a single, holistic system.

This system integrates the work done by your different teams, allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

By doing this, it helps you optimise your business’ processes and improve your productivity and performance.

At FRCI, we believe that to be helpful, ERP solutions must be based on a deep understanding of your business’ unique operational needs, objectives, resources and procedures.

What is your core business? What software systems do you use? What are your goals for growth?

The answers to these questions will help us create an ERP solution that is tailored to you. We’ll also recommend the functions that can usefully be integrated into the system, so you can increase your productivity and your bottom line.

FRCI offers solutions via AzurMind, our home-grown ERP platform.

AzurMind can help you with :

  • General accounting
  • Stock management
  • Procurement and sales management
  • Job management
  • Point of sales management
  • Management of plant and equipment maintenance
  • Management of medical equipment and supplies